Investment Advisory

Equity Research has been the core of HBJ Capital's existence and we have long been serving the retail and institutional clients. We extended our equity research services to corporate clients, since there were so many companies which were really in need of such services to take care of their short and long term investments.

Our extensive research over a period of many years suggests the fact that the companies have done poorly with respect to their investments especially when it comes to equity investments.

In order to save the shareholder's money and to make efficient use of it, it is of utmost importance for the organization to manage their long and short term investments in a manner that should generate substantial income over and above the income generated from operations.

Our scope of activities includes:

  • Advise our corporate clients on various options for long/short term investments with a view to minimize risk and maximize wealth.

  • Provide Investment advisory services that would suit the unique needs of different classes of corporate clients.

  • Provide unparalleled Investment options on publicly listed Small and mid cap segment companies.

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